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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Your ideas for keeping busy (Easter homework)

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
Over Easter, Class 6 were tasked with coming up with some of their own ideas for how to keep busy at home. We have collated them for us all to share and use. Enjoy!

Drawing challenge

Make a drawing each day, and then write a quote that you think anyone needs now (even yourself)!

Then add it to your wall or book and when this is over, you’ll look back and realise what state our world was in

This will also help you if you’re feeling stressed as drawing is a way just to relax yourself

The 10 day writing challenge!

This writing challenge is a creative way to write over 10 days. Each day, there is a different challenge to complete. These will be in different forms (e.g. poetry, news reports), and there are a variety of ways to write them.


Day 1- Write a short story about a lion and a kitten.

Day 2- Write a diary entry what is happening at the moment.

Day 3- Write a news report about how quickly the coronavirus has spread.

Day 4- Write a poem about a chicken crossing the road.

Day 5- Write a short story about an alligator who can’t swim.

Day 6- Write a diary entry about what life would be like as your favourite animal.

Day 7- Write a news report about a fictional character escaping from prison. 

Day 8- Write a poem about your favourite book character.

Day 9- Write a short story about you climbing up a mountain.

Day 10- Do some free writing about anything you want.

Dancing exercise

If you enjoy dancing, one of the things you could do is a dance workout every day. An example of these are the Danielle Peazer videos as there is a large variety of them and different levels of intensity. The amount of time that you spend on these is optional, although I would recommend to choose the amount of time according to the intensity of the workout. For example, I might choose to do all of the quick and effective video, but only do five minutes of the intense workout video. You could also do it with a family member. Some routines are better to do in the morning and some can be used before bed to aid sleep. The videos are not only a good sources of exercise, they are also fun.

The Drawing Challenges

I have come up with 10 drawing tasks to challenge your sketching capabilities in many ways. And here they are:

Challenge 1: Draw a 3-D shape

Challenge 2: Draw something related to Easter

Challenge 3: Draw a mythical creature

Challenge 4: Draw an aquatic animal

Challenge 5: Draw a character from a film

Challenge 6: Draw an Australian animal

Challenge 7: Draw a mountain of your choosing

Challenge 8: Draw the front cover of the book you’re reading

Challenge 9: Draw your own dragon

Challenge 10: Draw a map of the book you’re reading

So those are all the challenges and I hope you had fun drawing them so it’s time to say goodbye!

How to Keep Busy

How to keep busy can include many fun things, so I’ve came up with a plan for ten days for you to keep busy!

Day 1: History activity!

Today’s one is a history challenge, this is when you think of someone who is famous for their history and say why you like this person or are happy they did what they did or if you admire them, why!

Day 2: Art activity!

ACTIVITY: Today instead of history you are going to do art. So, what you are going to do is think of a famous piece of art then that piece of art in your own style!

Tip: Think of something to do with NHS and rainbows!

Day 3: Geography activity

ACTIVITY: This challenge is different to the others! So, what you need to do is think of your favourite place you’ve been to. Once you’ve done that, you need to say why that certain place is your favourite, after that you need to draw a picture that reminds you of that place!

Day 4: Game activity

ACTIVITY: So, this challenge will include thinking and imagination! What you need to do is make up a game that is completely made up on the spot then once you’ve finished planning the game and everything then that is when you test it! What you need to do is gather your family and tell them how the game works.

Day 5: Designing activity

ACTIVITY: Ok, this challenge is when you need to find any object in the house, once you’ve done that you need to use A4 paper to recreate that item.

HOT: Try and find an object you know will be harder to make with paper!

Day 6: Story activity

ACTIVITY: Now, this challenge is very different so, what you need to do is find your favourite book in your house. Once you find it skip all the way to the ending of the story, re-read the ending then after you need to recreate the ending of that story! To make it more interesting, test your mind with brand new ideas!

Day 7: Cooking activity

ACTIVITY: This next challenge is a fun one! Think of your favourite food sweet or savoury then look online and try to find the simplest recipe for it. Once you have found it,  try it out and see if it works! Get everyone in your family to taste test it to see how it tastes and get them to rate it from 1 to 10, 1 as the worst and 10 as the best!


For the last 3 days you can make up your own activities/challenges like I just made. Make it creative to test your brain and use creativity to think of your school subjects and use those to come up with outstanding ideas!



You need: Some chalk, some toy cars (And maybe some things for obstacles) 


You can design the track and it can be as long or as short at you want it to be (depending on how much space you have).


This activity is a good time-passer and a good use of imagination to create obstacles.

Some other ideas are: a leader board to see who can get the most wins,  a family race, a race for a prize, a knockout tournament, a race with friends or do a whole family grand prix for a grand prize.    


A fun thing to learn is magic as it can be fun and also get a laugh when you learnt it to amaze your family.

There are many tricks to learn so you can learn a new trick every day like the “pen up your nose and out through your mouth” and “I will find your card”.
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