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James Wolfe was born just 4 miles from Chevening Primary School, in Westerham on 2nd January, 1727. His parents had rented "Spiers" in 1726, a property with origins going back to C16; subsequently the House had different uses, including a period as a school!

Like many sons of the era, James followed his father into a military career, receiving his commission at the age of fourteen - which seems very young to modern-day children and parents. His progression in Army rank was swift;  service in Europe and Scotland led to his promotion to brigade major by the age of 18 and lieutenant-colonel some 5 years later. 


Wolfe's national fame came with the outbreak of the Seven Years War in 1756; his courage and fortitude in successfully capturing the Fortress of  Louisbourg, saw him commanding a force to support the successful capture of Quebec City from the French Army. Injuries from a subsequent battle finally killed him; his courage and perseverance saw him posthumously titled, "The Hero of Quebec" and the C18 painting "The death of General Wolfe" depicted him as a martyr for the British Empire. 

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