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Wk 6 Day 4 11.2.21

Thursday 11th February 2021 


Morning Movement

Have a go at one of Joe Wick’s children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or choose one of the activities from the ‘Be Active’ area on Remote Learning page. 



Recap the Phase 3 digraphs/trigraph that we have learnt using the Phonics wheel game:

Click spin to spin the wheel. Can you say aloud the sound? Once read, click eliminate and spin again. Ignore 'or' and 'ur' as we haven't learnt these digraphs yet. 


Child/Adult to write the following words on individual pieces of paper with sound buttons added: pen, brush, spoon, brick, three, boat, car, chain, ring, light. 


Child to read one card aloud at a time (sounding out the word using the sound buttons to help) then go on a hunt in the house to find an object to match the card. See the example below for some objects that I found in my flat… 


Challenge: Adult to find some objects that have the digraphs we have learnt recently (ai, oa, oo, ar). Choose items that you can sound out easily e.g. coat and child to write labels to match. Can you add sound buttons to the words?



Listen to the story ‘Dear Zoo’:


Imagine you wrote a letter to the zoo, what pet would you receive? Would you keep it or send it back?


Complete the sheet below with the name of the pet you were sent, draw a picture of the animal and write a sentence to say whether you would keep it or send the pet back and why. Try to use the same structure as the book and use the tricky word mats to help you if needed. 


For example:

He/she was too __________so I sent it back.


He/she was ___________so I kept him/her. 




Composition of 9 and 10 


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. After the lesson video, please listen to the story ‘Ten Black Dots’: it links to today’s activity. 



What message did Jesus bring? (healing)

Look at the picture below. What do you think is happening?


Watch video clip:


This story shows us that Jesus did amazing things. Christians believe that Jesus healed people and cares for those who are poorly. 


Act of Worship

Please see Rector of St Botolph's Church (Hannah) Act of Worship plan and video links in the resources below. Follow the plan to see when to watch each video. 


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