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Wk 6 Day 3 10.2.21

Wednesday 10th February 2021 


Morning Movement

Have a go at one of Joe Wick’s children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or choose one of the activities from the ‘Be Active’ area on Remote Learning page. 



Recap yesterday’s digraph ‘ar’ by watching Geraldine the Giraffe:


Introduce new tricky word ‘are’. Write the word on a piece of paper/whiteboard for your child to see. Explain that it is a tricky word so cannot be sounded out so we have to learn it by sight. Can you see a digraph hiding in the word ‘are’?


Watch the ‘are’ song:


Today I would like you to write/ make the tricky word ‘are’ in 5 different ways e.g. writing in flour, making the word using lego pieces etc. 


Challenge: to write a sentence containing the tricky word 'are'. 



Yesterday you wrote a list of the types of pets you could have at home. Today we are going to be finding out more about what a pet needs to be healthy and happy. 


What do you think a pet needs? Look at ‘How to look after pets’ powerpoint (see below). Adults, you will need to help your child by reading aloud each slide. 


Today, I would like you to create a poster to show what a pet needs. Look at the visual sheet ‘what pets need’ to help you. 



Ordering numerals to 10


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. For today’s task, you will find the activity sheet below. 


Forest School/Fine Motor

In Winter, food and drink is limited for many species of birds. Today, the activity is to make a toilet roll bird feeder that the birds can enjoy! Your child will need support with this activity. 


You will need: lollypop stick/knife, bird seed, peanut butter (or sunflower butter) toilet paper roll, string. 



1. Using a lollypop stick/knife, cover outside of toilet paper roll with peanut butter. 

2. Roll the peanut butter covered toilet paper roll in the bird seed until covered.

3. Thread a piece of string through the toilet paper roll and knot.

4. Hang where birds can enjoy! 


Act of Worship

Light candle and open Bible.


Traditionally Lent has been a time when we have given up something, but there are many organisations now who encourage us to take on something so that we are encouraged to look outwards and upwards as well as looking at ourselves and what God wants of us. 


The links below show some suggestions that people could: 

Can you think of something you could do during Lent? 


God of life, may my choices be guided by your love so that all people may live to their full potential 



Close Bible and blow out candle.




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