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Wk 5 Day 5 5.2.21

Friday 5th February 2021


Morning Movement

Have a go at one of Joe Wick’s children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or choose one of the activities from the ‘Be Active’ area on Remote Learning page. 



Recap ‘oo’ and the two alternate pronunciations by looking at the flashcards below. Recap the rhymes: ‘poo at the zoo’ and ‘look at a book’.


‘oo’ sorting game:

Set up two circles, one with a boot in and one with a book. These objects represent the two alternate pronunications for ‘oo’. Sort the long and short ‘oo’ sound picture word cards into the correct circle (see resources below). 


After playing the game, please test your child on their current Phase 3 sound knowledge using the ‘Apple tree’ sheet that we have provided below (from j until oo). Point to each letter one at a time on the sheet and ask your child to say aloud the sound. If they get it correct, adult to colour the sound in (choose one colour for all apples). If they are unsure, please leave it blank. Please return the sheet to me by email so I can see how they are doing. If you are unsure of how to pronounce the Phase 3 sounds, please see the intro in my previous Phonics video lessons on Teams. 



Recap the role of a Doctor by looking at Powerpoint with an adult. Ask your child the questions on each slide. 


Draw a picture or poster of something you have learnt about Doctors and Nurses. Can you add a label or a simple sentence? 


Afterwards, take a look at the videos on Teams to find out about the roles of a Neurophysiologist and Physio. 



Recap: Yesterday we compared the lengths of ribbon. Length is how long something is.


Look at the picture below. It shows three pieces of coloured string (different lengths). Which is the longest piece of string? Which is the shortest piece of string?


Now it's your turn to have a go at measuring pieces of string. Adult to cut three pieces of string/ribbon for child (different lengths). Child to measure each piece of string using cubes or another small item and say aloud their findings in a full sentence e.g. The green piece of string is 3 cubes long.


Challenge: to write 1 or more sentences about your findings e.g. The pink string is 7 cubes long. 



Choose one of the activities from the ‘Doctor’s’ topic grid.  You can find the other resources you will need in Monday's folder. 


Children’s Mental Health Week

Day 5 activity: Choose one activity from the ‘Mental Health Bingo’ game. You might like to also have a go at the squiggle game (see video below). 



I'm really impressed with all of your hard work this week! 

Have a lovely weekend. Make sure to rest and find time for some fresh air! 


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