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Wk 5 Day 3 3.2.21

Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Morning Movement

Have a go at one of Joe Wick’s children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or choose one of the activities from the ‘Be Active’ area on Remote Learning page.



Today we will be learning the digraph ‘oo’ (both pronunciations). Watch Miss Levy’s Phonics video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil whilst you are watching so you can join in. 



Watch Amali’s Aunt Miriam’s video on Teams then answer the following questions:

1.Where does she work?

2.What is her uniform?

3.Why does she have to wear goggles?

4. What is the best thing about her job?

5. What equipment does she use to transfer liquid from one container to another?


Some of Miriam’s patients are very ill. Can you write a get soon well card to help make them feel better?



Measuring Height


For today’s activity, you will need a selection of soft toys of various heights and a height chart (print the template or create your own).


Start by measuring your child’s height first and show them where they are on the height chart. Then compare your height to theirs.


Ask your child:

Are you shorter or taller than me? How can you tell?

Can you find a soft toy that is shorter than you?


As your child measures each soft toy, invite them to arrange the toys so they are lined up from shortest to tallest or tallest to shortest. When completing this part of the activity it is important that each object is measured from the same starting point. 



Choose one of the activities from the ‘Doctors’ topic grid. You can find the craft activity resources in Monday's folder (Wk 5 Day 1). 


Forest School

Make a twig star


You will need: 5 sticks and some string/wool or elastic bands. See the instructions below:


Children’s Mental Health Week

Day 3 activity: Watch and listen to the story ‘Beautiful Oops!’


Choose your favourite part of the story and create some artwork.

For example, you could create a painting on a piece of torn newspaper or make a picture using holes in paper.


Act of Worship

See Miss Minnis' AOW video on Teams. This session looks at the Parable of the Mustard Seed (Matthew 13: 31-32). You might like to find the story in advance in your home Bible and have a candle ready to light. 

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