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Wk 5 Day 2 2.2.21

Tuesday 2nd February 2021 


Morning Movement

Have a go at one of Joe Wick’s children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or choose one of the activities from the ‘Be Active’ area on Remote Learning page. 



Recap the Phase 3 digraphs/trigraph that we have learnt using flashcards. Time yourself- how many can you read in a minute? 30 seconds? 


Introduce new tricky word ‘you’. Write the word on a piece of paper/whiteboard for your child to see. Explain that it is a tricky word so cannot be sounded out so we have to learn it by sight. 


Today I would like you to make the tricky word ‘you’ in 5 different ways using loose parts e.g. lego pieces, beads, pasta pieces etc. Be creative!


Challenge: to write a sentence containing the tricky word 'you'. 



Watch video on Teams to find out about Dr Renuka Fernando's job as a Doctor and see where she works. 


Today she is going for a house visit. Can you write a list of things that she might have in her bag? Use the doctor’s word mat to help you. 


After, have a go at creating your own ‘pretend’ doctors bag using items you have at home. Earphones make a great alternative to a stethoscope. 



Recap: what are we learning about this week? (height) 


Look at the picture below of Mrs Green and Ben. Who is taller? Who is shorter? Try to answer in a full sentence e.g. Ben is shorter than Mrs Green.

Today we are going to be measuring our height using non-standard items that we can find around the house. You could use cubes, cushions, pencils or anything else but choose one item at a time. It is easier if you lie down on the floor to measure your height. Ask an adult/sibling to help you measure your height. What different items can you use to measure yourself? Swap so you can have a go at measuring your sibling/adult. 


See the example below… 

Jack is measuring himself against sticks. Jack is 5 sticks tall. 


Challenge: to write 1 or more sentences on a piece of paper to show your findings e.g. I am 10 cubes tall. 



Choose one of the activities from the ‘Doctors’ topic grid.  


Children's Mental Health Week


Day 2 activity: Listen to music and draw what you hear!

You will need: a piece of paper, colouring pencils/felt tip pens or paint and a phone or tablet/computer to play the music.


First, listen to the music for 1-2 minutes:


What does it sound like? Is the music loud or quiet? How does it make you feel?


Listen again and this time while you are listening to the music, draw how the music sounds to you by letting your crayon/paintbrush wander across and around the paper. Feel the music in your hand. Make shapes with your drawing that look like the music feels.



*You will find Miss Minnis' Act of Worship for today on Teams. Your child will need a piece of paper and pencils/colouring pencils so they are ready to draw pictures of ways that can show God's love to others.


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