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Wk 3 Day 1 18.1.21

Monday 18th January 2021 


Morning Movement

Have a go at Joe Wick’s 5 or 8 minute children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or choose one of the activities from the ‘Be Active’ area on Remote Learning page. 



Recap Friday’s digraph ‘ng’ by watching Geraldine the Giraffe:


Recap previous sounds and tricky words learnt using flashcards (see tricky word stars below). How many can you say aloud in a minute?


Create your own phoneme frame game (see example below) by writing letters on individual post-it notes/pieces of paper and place in each box. What words can you make?



Challenge: to make words using Phase 3 digraphs (qu, sh, ch, th, ng) 


A phoneme frame helps children to identify phonemes (sounds) within words. The boxes are split into columns to help to identify the sounds used in words. 



This morning I came into school to find this…

What has happened? 

Who might it have been? 

What shall we do? 


Oh no! There are matches all over the classroom floor. Do you think it was Naughty Bus? Have you ever seen matches at home?

It is important that only adults touch matches as they can be dangerous and they are not safe on the floor. 


Next, watch Miss Levy’s video of the story ‘Frances and the Firefly’ on Teams then ask your child the following questions:

  1. What was the firefly’s special job?
  2. Why was Frances the Firefly not allowed to join the others in the sky at night?
  3. How did Charlie the Cockroach trick Frances?
  4. What happened when Frances dropped the match?
  5. What special job did Frances get after she helped to rebuild the houses and factories?


Don’t forget, never play with matches or lighters!



Comparing Mass- Heavier and Lighter than


Watch Miss Levy’s video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. For the activity after the lesson, you will need a coat hanger, string and plastic cups. 



Choose one of the activities from the ‘Fire Fighters’ topic grid.



*You can find Miss Minnis' Act of Worship video in Teams (Remote Learning channel). See below for the link to today's song. 


*And don’t forget to listen to your child read. Use the sound booklets available in the Class R reading folder on Teams. 


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