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Wk 2 Day 4 14.1.21

Thursday 14th January 2021 


Morning Movement

Choose an activity from the Stay Active folder on main Remote Learning page. 



Fastest Finger game: Adult to write down Phase 3 sounds that we have learnt scattered around a piece of paper (j, v, w, x, y, z, qu, sh, ch, th). Adult to say aloud a sound and child to point to correct sound on the paper as quickly as they can! 


Introduce new tricky word ‘my’. Write the word on a piece of paper/whiteboard for your child to see. Explain that it is a tricky word so cannot be sounded out so we have to learn it by sight. You might like to listen to the tricky word songs (see videos below). 


Read the following sentences together with a sibling/adult and circle the tricky word ‘my’Can you spot any other tricky words?


My cat is in the bed. 


My mum had a drink.


I went to my red tent. 


My dog is sad. 


I left my hat in the shop.


Challenge: to write your own sentence that includes the tricky word ‘my’. 


You might like to make a paper bracelet/headband with the word ‘my’ to recall it throughout the day. Impress your sibling/adult with how quickly you can remember it! 



Discuss with your child the different places that Naughty Bus goes on his journey. Explain to your child that today we are going to create a story map to show the bus’ journey. 

What is a story map? A story map shows us what happens in a story using pictures. Do you remember when we did a story map for the Jolly Christmas Postman?


Your story map needs to include pictures to show the different places that the bus goes to and draw arrows to show the order. Have a go at labelling each scene with a word/simple sentence e.g. sea/The bus falls in the water.


Encourage your child to write phonetically using their sounds to help them. It is important that children in Reception focus on applying their Phonics knowledge, they don’t need to spell words correctly. For example, beans written phonetically is beens. 


See the example below… 



Sorting 6, 7 & 8


Watch Miss Levy’s video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. Your child will need a pencil, paper and some scissors for the activity after the lesson.  



How was Jesus special? 


Look at the image below together. What do you think is happening in the picture?


Watch the video:


Jesus needed help to share the message of God so gathered a group of men (disciples) to help him. He was a good friend to everyone. How can you be a good friend?

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