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Wk 2 Day 1 11.1.21

Monday 11th January 2021 


Morning Movement

Have a go at one of Joe Wick’s children’s workouts (see The Body Coach channel on youtube) or Cosmic Yoga if you fancy something a bit calmer.  



Recap Friday’s digraph ‘ch’ by watching Geraldine the Giraffe:


Today we will be learning a new digraph. Watch Miss Levy’s Phonics video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil whilst you are watching so you can join in. 


The children and I arrived this morning to find that Naughty Bus had escaped from the classroom and is now missing! What a big mess! I have taped off the 'crime scene' so we can 

Ask your child: What do you think might have happened?

What clues are there?

What can we do to find Naughty Bus? 


Explain to your child that sometimes when something goes missing, for example, a pet, their owner may put up a missing poster to help find them. 

 Miss Levy needs your child’s help! Can they create a missing bus poster to warn other people that Naughty Bus is on the loose! What information do we need to include? How can we make our poster stand out?


You will need to include:

  • Title at top of poster- Naughty Bus
  • A picture of Naughty Bus
  • Some words/a short sentence to describe Naughty Bus e.g. It is red and drives fast! Encourage your child to write phonetically and use their sounds to help them. Use the rhyme sheets to help. 
  • A number to call if found



Number of the day 8


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. For today’s task, you will need a pencil and the Maths template sheet provided in the resources below. If you do not have a printer, you can copy it on to a piece of paper. 



Choose one of the activities from the ‘Naughty Bus’ topic grid. 



If time…


Funky Finger

Choose one activity from the fine motor sheet to complete (see Fine Motor tab on Class R Remote learning area). 

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