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Wednesday 6th January

Good Morning Class 2,

I hope you enjoyed your home learning yesterday. Here is your learning for Wednesday 6th January.


Spelling and Handwriting

Choose 5 of your common exception words (these can be found in our Class resources) and practice the spellings using the look, cover, write and check method. Then write each of the 5 words in to a sentence on your book. Can you make any exciting sentences using your words? Please use your best handwriting and use your lead ins and flick outs for the joins. Remember if you are joining the letter r to another letter that it joins from the top, not the bottom! Underline the spelling you have used in each sentence, try to spell it without looking.


Daily check in at 9.20am. Followed by AOW and Grammar.



Today we are going to be looking at the suffixes –ful and –ness .Remember that suffixes are added to the end of words. We are going to be changing different words into adjectives (describing words) using –ful and –ness. I will put a powerpoint on our page that you may like to work through, and record your answers at the back of your English book.

If that is not possible,

can you make 5 new adjectives by adding –ful to the following root words…….help/colour/rest/watch/mouth.

Which of these words is not an adjective?

Can you write 2 sentences using 2 of your new words.

Then can you make 5 new adjectives by adding –less to the following root words…….home/spot/taste/noise/heart.

Can you write 2 sentences using 2 of your new words?



if you can, try and head outside into your garden with a ball…bounce it, throw it or kick it. You may like to design and play your own ball game? Maybe you could design a game using another piece of equipment, such as a bat.

If you haven’t got a ball, then can you get on your bike or scooter and make a little obstacle course for it in the garden? Can you run around the garden? If you can’t get into your garden today then look at Joe Wicks on YouTube or Gonoodle/Just Dance 2020 on YouTube if you fancy a boogie!




I would like you to look at the pictures of different types of weather.

Can you say which type of weather you like best and explain why.

 For example: I like it when the weather is... because...

Now can you write your own sentences about your favourite/least favourite weather on whiteboards or in your English books.

 I would like you to think about- I wonder what would happen if the sun shone every day and it never rained?

Now look at the picture of this landscape….this is a larger version of the one that you have been given to stick into your English book. In your English books on the sheet for today, I would like to write down your thoughts about the picture in complete sentences-think about the landscape and the weather. You might also like to write down any questions you have about the picture. Remember to use a question mark if you write a question.


Today we are going to be reading picture graphs(Lesson 2 Reading Picture Graphs.)

If you find the activity tricky, I would like you to actually build the pictogram using cubes or Lego to help you.

If you finish the task, I would like you to write an explanation for how you would show 1 if the cubes were worth 2.


 If you have time, you could also use Timetables Rockstars to practise your tables, or go on to ICT games and choose from a range of different activities to help you practise your key skills, such as number bonds.



Today we are going to be starting our new topic ‘Animals and their Habitats.’

I would like you to look at the Powerpoint ‘Living, Dead, or Never Alive.’

 I would like you then to use this information to help you sort a range of different pictures under the labels that you have been given.  When you have sorted these, you may like to take a photograph of your work, or you may like to make a poster to show how you have sorted the objects. Can you add any other objects under the different headings? Look around your house…what can you see?

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