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World War II

Class 4, have been studying woeful World War II for a whole two terms!  Although, we have learning about this in our Topic lessons - covered an array of different subject matter from putting our geography skills to the test and map reading to find out just how many of the world the Axis had taken over at the height of their power to considering why Winston Churchill was such an influential leader.  We have also carried out a lot of cross-curricular work in English where we have discovered more about what blackouts and evacuation entailed, we even studied and reflected on the amazing and very courageous roles that many women had to step up to!

Ancient Egyptians

We have certainly been on quite the adventure learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  Where we have covered everything from the mind puzzling hieroglyphics to finding out about Howard Carter's great  discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb.  At the end of our learning, we even concluded by having our own Ancient Egyptian days where we got the chance to discover more about the afterlife and even carry out some mummification ourselves- yuck!

Local Area Study

This term we are carrying out a Local Area Study, so that we are able to gain a greater understanding about those places closest to us and how they have changed over time.  We are beginning to study and look at this from a geographical point of view, using maps and keys to help us identify their locality and features.  After the half-term, our study will take more of a historical stance, as we find out what these places were once like, how they have changed over time and how in spite of these changes they have come to influence and have an impact on our lives today.

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