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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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The Lion & The Unicorn by Shirley Hughes

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Come and explore our very own Secret Garden's 

Jack’s Willow Tree Gnomes

Ever since I was little, my mum told me story's about a family of tiny gnomes living in my willow tree in the garden. The main gnome was called Jeremy, he was the boss of all the gnomes, there was also a fisher gnome who every morning goes over the little bridge in are garden and fishes in the stream, a cooking gnome who makes breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks then there was all the over gnomes who followed their job to keep the family of gnomes do jobs that they like doing and have fun and every time my mum told a story the gnomes would need my help and me and all of my gang would help. My gang were my two cousins Hugh and Liv my mums horses Bruce and dice and my dog Duke. And when it happened the gnomes would give us a drink called shrink drink we would have one sip and shrink to a gnome size and help them. Sometimes we helped the Easter bunny then Santa Claus. And we had to build a boat out of my lego so we could sail down our stream and join Chipstead lake, and we used my RC cars to go at top speed when needed.

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