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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Fantastic Mr Fox

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

In Class 3...

We know how to write great stories!


Step 1: Find a good book you quite literally cannot put down! laugh

Step 2: Read it carefully from cover to cover. 

Sometimes it's a good idea to explore the character and plot in greater detail...

Step 3 (optional): Once finished, why not review it?  This is not only allows us to share our views but can be very helpful to others when they are considering whether or not to start reading the book.

Step 4: Remind yourself of the plot.  Get your creative juices flowing and fine-tune those summarising skills by creating some exceptional story maps!

Step 5: Now you have the idea of the plot cemented in your brain, it comes time to make it your own! So get planning... Often using a story mountain can help to structure your text or any other layout you feel comfortable using.

Step 6: Now with all our ideas organised and jotted down we can begin writing.  It's often a good idea to do a first draft.

Step 7: Grab a purple pen and make some edits!  This is a great way to our improve our stories and make them even better. yes

Step 8: Now with all the hard work put in comes the final publishing stage! Sometimes we show off beautiful presentation, others times we put our computing skills to the test... Either way we produce some amazing pieces of writing. smiley

Please click on the Badger Icon below to read each other's amazing stories in full - they are really quite incredible and you should all be very proud!

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