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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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The Adventures Of Patch

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’



The Adventures of Patch!


Meet ‘Patch’ our very much loved family Rabbit. And yes, he is wearing a lead! He’s so large now, that he gets a good run around our garden every day! He has requested that we create a book of funny adventures to keep him entertained over the Easter Holidays.



Below, I have written the first story to go in Patch’s new adventure story book


Patch is a famous rabbit magician. He lives in a mansion hutch next door to a rabbit electrician. They recently had a discussion about a rather amusing recent occasion in which he was asked to play the lead role in an action movie all about a famous rabbit mathematician.

‘Patch’s Nonsense Adventure by Freddie


​Patch is a very good electrician he works very 

hard every day in the evenings he runs a session

to train fellow rabbits to be come a magician .

They have a discussion in a big mansion.

on one occasion they make a creation about

fun arts and crafts. make a lot of mess!! Action 

is needed to clean up the mansion.



Can you find the word I have put in twice??



Patch, the famous rabbit magician was bored. On this special occasion he decided to go to Sevenoaks station. He had a suspicion that he was going on a secret mission. He had a long discussion with his bunny girlfriend. He showed his compassion, devotion and a lot of emotion and made a confession. In his confusion, he quickly did his school comprehension and fractions to aid his education. He made a funny impression of his older, Russian brother to his Asian optician. ​By Tilly


Patch attends a session and has a discussion to make his own creation . Every one sees it in action and he made a mansion using electricity and then Patch became a electrician. He found it a bit boring so on an occasion he was a magician. After awhile there was an intermission and then he created the latest fashion. (Holly) 
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