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T4 Wk 1 Day 3 24.2.21

Wednesday 24th February 2021 


Morning Movement: Joe Wicks children’s workout on youtube (The Body Coach) or do some exercises in the garden (see Stay Active folder). 



Question of the day

Read the question using the sound buttons to help you spot the digraphs/trigraph. Answer yes or no using thumbs up or thumbs down on hands. Can you challenge yourself to write an answer to the question using a full sentence? 


Today we will be learning the digraph ‘or’. Watch Miss Levy’s Phonics video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil whilst you are watching so you can join in. 



Recap the story by listening to the Author Rob Hodgson reading it:


After, answer the following questions: 

1. Why does the creature stay in the cave?

2.What does the wolf say to persuade the creature to come out of the cave?

3.Who is getting hungry? 

4.What does the wolf finally offer the creature that makes him come out of the cave?5.What did you think the little creature was? Were you surprised it was a bear? 


When the wolf suggests the ‘little creature’ must be so bored the bear replies:

 ‘Only boring creatures get bored’

Draw some of the activities that you think the bear might be doing in the cave to keep himself occupied and try to label your pictures. 


Learn how to draw the bear with Rob Hodgson:



Comparing Numbers Within 10  


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. For today’s task, you will find the activity sheet below. 


Forest School

This week is all about sticks! At this time of year, the trees may look bare or even dead but if you look closely you might see that some of the twigs on the branches have buds that are ready to open up into leaves or flowers. 


First, go on a stick hunt and see which different types of sticks you can find using the sheet provided below. 


After, choose one or more of the following activities:


Stick tower: Go on a hunt to find a selection of sticks then challenge someone at home to a stick tower contest. Who can build the tallest, strongest or widest tower?  


Stick art: Start by making a frame (4 sticks in a square or rectangle is the simplest style). In the frame, place scavenged materials from the garden or park to make a picture. At forest school we always say you can use anything that is already on the floor but do not take it directly from the trees or plants.

Make a stick bird nest: Make it as hard or as easy as you want.
Hard: imagine you can only carry your nest materials with your beak so use one hand to pick up and build your nest
Easier: collect a load of small sticks and lay them carefully down on the floor to build up the nest, you could try and interlock the sticks to make it stronger. 


Act of Worship 

Land and Plants


Welcome to Worship and light the candle.


Read aloud this verse to your child: 

The earth produced plants. Some plants had grain for seeds. The trees made fruit with seeds in it. Each seed grew its own kind of plant. God saw that all this was good.


Think about how we care for plants. They need to be nurtured just as people do. They need water to live, food to make them grow strong. They also need to be pruned so that they focus on the core of their growing and become a strong plant – we need to cut back what is unnecessary in our lives so we can focus more on the important things. 


Many of you will have chosen to give up something for Lent, hopefully lots of you are trying out some of the Y6 Lent challenges, cutting back on doing things for yourself so that you can do something for others. 


What could you do today to think about others?

This plant is a peace lily. Could you do something to bring peace to others?


Think about how you could help others as you listen to this song:


Afterwards, you might like to say aloud your own prayer before you finish your Act of Worship. 
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