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T4 Wk 2 Day 3 3.3.21

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 


Morning Movement

Joe Wicks children’s workout on youtube (The Body Coach) or choose an activity from the ‘Be Active’ folder



Question of the day: Are you fond of plums? 


Write the question on a piece of paper and add sound buttons. Can you use the sound buttons to help you read the question? Circle the tricky words in the question. 


Recap all Phase 3 sounds learnt using your own flashcards and a timer or play flashcards 'Speed Trial' game (select pick individual graphemes and click on set 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10):  (login using username: jan21, password: home)


Recap yesterday’s digraph ‘ow’ by watching Geraldine the Giraffe:


Adult to write the following words on individual pieces of paper/post-it notes: now, down, owl, cow, town, brown, fown, owp, hown, lown. Then label two soft toys (one is Bob and the other is Obb). Child to add sound buttons to the words on paper and read aloud by sounding out e.g. n-ow. Then decide if it is a real word or alien word and place by Obb toy or Bob toy. Obb likes alien words, Bob likes real words!


Literacy/Understanding the World (and fine motor!) 

In ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story, the first little pig made a house of straw but it wasn’t strong enough so the wolf blew it down. Next, the second little pig made a house of sticks but it still wasn’t strong enough so the wolf blew it down. Finally, the third little pig decided to build a house of bricks. It took a long time to build but was a strong house and the wolf was unable to blow it down. Why did the straw and stick house blow down? Why do builders choose to use different materials?



Today I would like you to build a house that the wolf cannot blow down. You could use any of the following materials: straws, lollypop sticks, cotton buds, toothpicks, playdough, pipe cleanerstape, junk modelling items, sugar cubes, Lego or anything else you have at home that you think might be suitable.


After you have built your house for the ‘Three Little Pigs’, predict if you think it will be strong enough to stay standing. Then test the strength by challenging the ‘big bad wolf’ (aka hair dryer) to blow your house down! 


Challenge: To write a sentence to explain your findings e.g I built a house with… 



Number of the day- 13


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. 


For today’s task, can you explore making 13 using objects in your house? What different ways can you show 13?


Forest School

Pick-up sticks game:

All you need is a pile of thin sticks of the same length. Drop them into a random, tangled pile, and players have to try picking up individual sticks without making any others move. Each player picks up as many sticks on their turn as they can, until a stick moves and it’s on to the next player. The winner is the player with the most sticks at the end.


For an extra challenge, write a number or tricky word on each stick using a marker pen and read aloud as you pick it up.


Act of Worship

Please see Rector Hannah's video for today's Act of Worship here: 



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