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T4 Wk 2 Day 1 1.3.21

Monday 1st March 2021 


This week is 'Book Week' so we will be exploring sharing stories together all week. What is your favourite story? 


Morning Movement: Joe Wicks children’s workout on youtube (The Body Coach) or do some gross motor challenges in the garden (see Stay Active folder). 



Question of the day: Is the moon green?

Write the question on a piece of paper and add sound buttons. Can you use the sound buttons to help you read the question? Answer yes or no using thumbs up/thumbs down on hands or challenge yourself to answer the question using a full sentence. 

Recap the digraph ‘or’ by watching Geraldine the Giraffe:


Read ‘The Zork’ sound booklet (see below) and circle the ‘or’ digraphs in the words. Then write a list of the ‘or’ words you found.


Challenge: To write a simple sentence using one/more of the 'or' words from the story 



This term, we will be exploring a range of Traditional Tales. A Traditional Tale is a story that has been retold over many years so becomes a well-known story. They can also be referred to as Fairytails.


This week, our focus will be on the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ which I’m sure your child is familiar with. Talk about the front cover, what characters can we see? Where are they? What do you think is going to happen in the story? 

Please watch the stick puppet version of the story:


Recap: How did the story begin? (Once upon a time) 

What happened in the story?


Can you retell the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ to an adult/sibling? You might like to make your own stick puppets to act out the story (see below for templates). 



Number of the day- 11  


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. 


For today’s task, can you explore making 11 using objects in your house? What different ways can you show 11?



Choose one activity from the ‘The Three Little Pigs’ topic grid. 

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