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T4 Wk 1 Day 4 25.2.21

Thursday 25th February 2021 


Morning Movement: Joe Wicks children’s workout on youtube (The Body Coach) or choose some exercises from the 'Stay Active' folder. 



Question of the day

Read the question using the sound buttons to help you spot the digraphs/trigraph. Answer yes or no using thumbs up or thumbs down on hands. Can you challenge yourself to write an answer to the question using a full sentence? 


Quick tricky word flashcards game: Time 30 seconds on a phone/timer then show children a Phase 2/3 tricky word flashcard (see below for flashcards) and child to say the word aloud as quickly as they can. How many tricky words can they say correctly in 30 seconds? 


Introduce new tricky word ‘they’. Write the word on a piece of paper/whiteboard for your child to see. Explain that it is a tricky word so cannot be sounded out so we have to learn it by sight. Can you spot another tricky word hiding in the word? That’s right it’s the! 


Can you make or write the word ‘they’ in 5 different ways? You could write it in flour, on the ground with a wet brush, make it with lego blocks etc. 


Challenge: To write a sentence with the tricky word ‘they’. For example, They went to the park. 



Look again at the last picture in the story. What do you think the bear is thinking? How do you think the bear will persuade the wolf to come out?


Write a sentence to predict what might happen next in the story, for example, ‘I think the bear might…’ 



Making 10  


Watch Miss Levy’s Maths video on Teams. You can find it in the ‘Remote Learning’ channel under Files. For today’s task, you will find the activity sheet below. 



Who is Jesus?


Recap all the stories we learnt last term about Jesus by looking at the pictures below to help. 



What was Jesus like? 


Activity: On the outline of Jesus (see template below), draw or write words to describe the sort of person Jesus was e.g. friend, kind, share, peace, love, made people better, forgives.


In Tom and Tessa’s Bible it tells them that the name Jesus means ‘He saves’

Where have you heard the word ‘save’ before?


    The Goalkeeper saved the goal. This stopped the other team from winning.

The dog and the person needed saving from danger. The dog had got lost and fallen into the river. 

If the rescue person had not been there, then things might have ended up badly for the dog and the person.


Our R.E learning friends Tom and Tessa know that Jesus came to the world to save those who are lost, in danger or made wrong choices. This is because God loves everyone. That is why his name means ‘He saves’. 

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