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The Stanhope Family might be considered to have the closest link to Chevening Primary School, living just a mile away at Chevening House. The first Earl Stanhope, General James Stanhope, acquired Chevening House and Estate in 1717, having served King and country in senior military and political roles. Time and effort was given to enhance both House and Grounds, which passed to further generations of Stanhopes. The third Earl was a noted inventor and brought change to both House and Estate that might have conjured respect at the time, but honest evaluations by later  critics noted that some of the original merits and beauty were lost and the subsequent additions and developments did not endure well.

The fourth and fifth Earls Stanhope paid attention and time to the House and Grounds, focusing on immediate and costly repairs, then the creation of the Italian gardens, Maze (known to many Chevening children) and opened public rights of way through the Grounds. The fourth Earl Stanhope was involved in the establishment of education in the parish - the origins of Chevening Primary School. The modernisation of Chevening House by the fifth Earl came at the expense of some other family properties. 

The seventh and final Earl Stanhope (1880-1967) had the closest links with Chevening Primary School. School photos show children enjoying the Grounds at Chevening House and Countess Stanhope digging the turf to start the campaign to build the original school swimming pool - all very fitting duties for the President of the Board of Education. Without children to inherit, the seventh Earl generously bequeathed Chevening House and Estate for national use in perpetuity; Chevening Primary School is most fortunate to be able to maintain links with Chevening House.

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