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A huge thank you and well done to everyone who took part in our virtual sports day!

Please see below for the winning participants and the overall winning house... 


Parents' race

1st - Shivi's mum

2nd - Emily P's dad

3rd - Holly's parent

Thank you for joining in laugh


First, Second, Third Places



Well Done Wolfe!


Churchill - 1576


Sackville - 1358


Stanhope - 1282


Wolfe - 1834







Mixed Pictures

Chevening Virtual Sports Day 2020



Parent’s Race (seconds)

Set up a 50m distance and time your sprint (one way!) Your participation will gain your child’s house 10 extra points! 



Vertical jump (in cm)

Stand next to a wall, bend your knees and jump as high as you can in the air...raise your arm closest to the wall to mark a spot! Have 3 attempts...record the highest jump.


Standing long jump (in cm)

Stand with your legs together, propel your arms and jump forwards as far as you can! Have 3 attempts and record the furthest jump. You must measure from where the back of you back foot lands.


Bounce a ball on a racket (number)

How many times can you bounce a ball on a racket before it falls off? If you don’t have a ball and a racket, use a pair of rolled up socks and a frying pan (ask permission first!) or the palm of your hand.


Keepie Uppies (seconds)

How long can you keep a ball up in the air…without using your hands? If you haven’t got a ball, use a pair of rolled up socks.


Target throw (number)

You’ll need a bucket/washing up bowl and a small ball (or those socks again!) Measure 3 metres (KS1) or 6 metres (KS2) away from the bucket. Count the number of times you get your ball into the bucket in 2 mins.


Stand Up Sit Down (number)

For this, you will need a chair. How many times can you sit down and stand up in one minute? You must not use your hands! Start sitting down and count 1 every time you sit.


Blindfold balance (seconds)

Find something around your house that you can use as a blindfold. Tie it around your eyes so you can’t see anything! Balance on your weakest leg. Time how long you can go before you put your strong foot down. Try 3 times and record your best time.


Star jumps (number)

How many star jumps can you do in a minute? A star jump is only complete once both feet are back on the floor and next to each other.


Step up (number)

Find a stair, inside or outside. Stand close to the step and step onto it…one foot at a time and then back down off the step, again one foot at a time. Every time your second foot reaches the floor again, count 1. See how many you can do in one minute.


Sprints (seconds)

Find a 5m stretch of land. This may be in your garden, or you might have to do it safely at a park, if you can. Stand at the start point, sprint as fast as you can to the end of 5m, touch the ground with your hand and sprint back again. Time how fast you can do it.


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