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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Sir Linkalot – Online Spelling Programme

The plan is to work through one list every two weeks. The videos are quite short so little and often is best. I suggest working on half a list one week and the second half the following week. Once confident, please let your child try the test and jot down the score in the front of their reading record. I will also hold a written test in class every two weeks. 


To log in: 

On a laptop or PC

1. Type in the browser itself where you normally type www (not a search engine)... (with no Ws before it)
2. Click on the log icon (for log in)
4. The username is the word 'Chevening'
5. The code is EB37A2DRM9Y 

To access it on a tablet:

1. Download it from the App Store, Play Store or Amazon
2. Tap on 'log in' (top right)
3. Click on 'Have an access code?'
4. It's the same username and code

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