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Earth Day  22nd April


Every year on 22 April, Earth Day is celebrated around the world in over 192 countries... but this annual event is much more than a celebration – it’s an important day to raise awareness about looking after the environment.


If we want to keep our planet clean and safe for years to come, we need to reduce the amount of pollution we produce and fight against climate change. That’s why on Earth Day, over a billion people take part in activities to make the world a healthier place – from conferences and street marches, to art displays and beach clean-ups!

Learn about Earth’s incredible places, the environmental problems we need to tackle and the wonderful wildlife that need our help by visiting the following websites…

Or if you fancy trying your hands at an Earth Day related activity, take a look at the link below, and have a go at one of the exciting outdoor or creative activities!

World Book Night - 23rd April

What is World Book Night?

World Book Night is the annual celebration of books and reading that takes place on 23rd April. People from all backgrounds are brought together for one reason – to inspire others to read more. The best part about it is that everyone can get involved!


Why is World Book Night important?

World Book Night is run by The Reading Agency, a UK-wide charity that tackles life’s big challenges through the proven power of reading. Reading for pleasure is linked to fewer feelings of stress and depression, better sleeping patterns and improved literacy.

While many of us are working from home, self-isolating and social distancing, reading has an important role to play in keeping us connected to others and looking after our mental health. 


So, how can you celebrate World Book Night? Please see some ideas below…


Reading Hour

Join in with Reading Hour from 7-8pm on 23rd April.

What do you need to do to participate? Just read a book!

Whether you’re reading to yourself, reading to children before going to bed, or listening to an audiobook as you prepare your dinner, we want to you spend this hour with a book.

You can also spend this time sharing the joy of reading with others – why not call a friend and ask what they’ve been reading, or hold you reading group meeting at this time?


Hold a virtual party

Who doesn’t like a book-themed event? You may not be able to celebrate in-person, but there are lots of ways that you can come together with friends or colleagues online.

- Ask everyone who joins in to share their top book recommendation

- If any of your guests are budding writers, ask them to bring an extract of their work along for a storytelling session

- Host a quiz based around books

- Reuse those World Book Day costumes and ask everyone to dress up as their favourite character from a book

- Use the Netflix Party extension for Chrome and watch a film adaptation of a book together


Give yourself a challenge

- Write an exciting story about protecting our world in 500 words

- Get artistic by redesigning the cover of one of your books – through drawing, using digital methods, or using items from around the house

- Write a collaborative poem with your family

- Create a book nook or reading space somewhere in your house or garden

RA Competition  24th April
Final Submission Date

If you would like to upload an entry for the July exhibition -  you can click here.


"The Young Artists’ Summer Show is a free, open submission exhibition for young people aged 5 - 19 years, taking place both online and on-site at the Royal Academy of Arts to recognise talented young artists.

Special notice: We remain open for online submissions during this period of uncertainty. The deadline is 24th April. The online exhibition will go ahead as planned from 12th July and we will let you know as soon as possible about the dates for the on-site exhibition. We look forward to receiving your entries!"

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