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Special Events

Special Events

Jubilee Celebrations

In celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, as a school we decided to take our audience through a musical journey and sing our way through those very same decades.  Class 4, who represented the 90s, most certainly put on quite the show with their rendition of Spice Up Your Life by The Spice Girls.

Easter Egg Fun!

A massive thanks to the PTFA again, for helping to organise a most eggcellent assortment of Easter activities.  It was most certainly fun to compete in an egg ro-o-o-o-olling competition and go on a hunt!  At the end of it all, we were also all given a chocolate egg to take home. smiley

Horton Kirby - WWII Themed Day

This week, Class 4 were given the unique and rather exciting opportunity to travel back in time - to the 1940s!  Donning their best twee jackets with gas masks and evacuee tags in tow, not only were they whisked back in time but also to the countryside, from more dangerous London.  The strict Home Guard soldier, headmaster, Mr Tanner was there to greet us and guide us through what only can be described as a most memorable day.  Not only did we get the chance to experience what an average school day would have been like, carrying out a Maths lesson involving the calculations of pennies, shillings and pence, but we also learnt how to identify the difference between German and British planes and see to casualties of the blackout.  Before we knew it, with air-raid siren wailing we were bundled down into the safe shelter where we enjoyed a little sing-song.  Later in the day, we strolled around the village to hear about and see some important locations associated with the war (zapping away any modern-day creations, of course), played some typical games and even got to go inside an Anderson Shelter!

Mad Hair Day!

Thanks to Chevening's amazing PTFA for encouraging us to live on the wild side with crazy hair explorations.  Class 4 most certainly took this challenge in their stride with so many varied styles and colours.  We really did look quite the part!

World Book Day!

My, my... we had quite the jam packed World Book Day (or week)!  We were privileged to spend a lot of it with Sarah Oliver...   we learnt what it takes to become an author and got a personal performance of the book Pollyanne - an exceptional recount of how John McLaren, founder and manager of Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, dedicated his life to rescuing mistreated donkeys.  We even got the chance to talk to Sarah and get some answers to some questions we accumulated over the course of the week.  We also got to be part of a book launch, were the first to hear and see The Mermaid's Wedding.  In addition to this, we got a visit from Once Upon a Bus... Storytelling  and had our very own book fair in school.  Thanks once again to the parents, PTFA and Mrs Edwards for making this all possible! heart

A Visit from the Fire Force!

This week our school focus has been Fire Safety and we were privileged to receive a special visit from an expert who use to be in the force.  Not only did he remind us of what to do in the eventuality that something we are wearing should catch alight, but he also told us about the importance of checking our fire alarms (smoke detectors) on a regular basis and coming up with an Escape Plan just in case should there be a fire in the home.  We certainly learnt a lot and are sure to share it with our adults!

PTFA - Christmas Panto!

Class 4 would like to send a huge shout out to the PTFA and say a big THANK YOU for letting us go to Cinderella's masquerade ball.  We really had a whale of time and even had a little boogie! smiley

Carroty Wood - One Night Residential!

My, my what an adventure Class 4 had when they recently escaped off to Carroty Wood! Many of the qualities we so pride ourselves on showing were certainly displayed as we tried our hands at many different adventurous activities. We scaled heights greater than we imagined, trawled through squelching mud to escape the clutches of 'Death Island' and focused on attention to detail as we took aim with archery. Perseverance, courage and even a glimpse of compassion were shown in abundance!  


We could not be prouder of the children and all the qualities they displayed. A huge shout out and thank you to Mrs Rudge and Mr Garrett for all their help and creating much campfire fun! I am sure all the jollities and singing could be heard from many miles away.

Science Week!

Chevening's Champions for Change most certainly stepped up to the mark in our all exciting Science Week.  With climate change being such a topical affair (...the UN COP26 summit being on the horizon...) and the children, forever, wanting to make a difference, we decided to take matters into our hands - making this wonderful planet we call Earth and the taking care of it the main foci of our learning! 


At the beginning of the week, we absorbed all the knowledge we could after being privileged enough to welcome not only a planetarium but also The Royal Institution into our school.  Not only did we partake in galactic space travel, but with a whiz, bang, pop... and plenty of explosive fun we discovered a lot more about the fossil fuels we burn and the repercussions of these.  We then turned our eyes to the future, thinking about the different ways we could possibly source these and what we could do to improve our continuous consumption of power. 


The week was then not only drawn to a close by some visits from (our wonderful parent) real-life Scientists but our own mini-scientists went to showcasing all they had done and learnt - building up a bank of knowledge and expertise in the process!  We couldn't have been prouder. smiley

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