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Special Events

Special Celebrations

Mad Hair Day!

Thanks to Chevening's amazing PTFA for encouraging us to live on the wild side with crazy hair explorations.  Class 4 most certainly took this challenge in their stride with so many varied styles and colours.  We really did look quite the part!

Christmas Meal & Extravaganza!

Towards the end of the Autumn Term we most certainly had a lot of fun, so did those pesky elves causing havoc in our classroom! surprise

Harvest Festival

We received some truly generous donations in celebration of Harvest Festival.  Many thanks! They were all very warmly received. smiley

Healthy Eating Week

This year as part of our whole school participation and the want to bring awareness to the benefits of healthy eating, we discovered more about the colour coded labelling found on some food.  We discovered that it is similar to a traffic system in terms of the colours used and that these give us an indication as to how healthy each product is.  Green means it is advisable to eat all the time, whereas we have to be wary of the red labelled foods, as eating too many of these can be bad for us.  We are pleased to say that we are now a lot more food and health conscious!

Harvest Festival

In keeping with our annual harvest celebration, this year Class 4 took the time to contemplate the foods they were most grateful for.  We researched and investigated how far these have travelled to reach us.  For example... Did you know that a pineapple have may travelled as far as an astounding 5424 miles (8227 kilometres) to have reached our plates?  After finding out this information we were ever the more grateful, so took the time to write some prayers to give thanks.

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