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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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SPaG Coded Messages

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’


Detective Robinson has set you a spelling challenge. Can you unscramble the words to reveal the important message?


Top Tip: I have included lots of our spellings from the year 3-4 word list. 

Now create your own coded message and send it to me. I will add it to the class page for others to enjoy unscrambling over the Easter break.


berememr to try a new esexreic that’s tdniefrfe and lsapiec for 10 smeitnu  everyday and you will yplrboab esuspir yourself at how your ekgnodelw and skills will esacrnie.


I yltnalceadic kicked my football over the fence and it was  my fvrateiuo ball I hope my neighbour will ceidde to throw it back over the fence, she is a nice mnaow. Jack


The arid told the pourg that on the udige there will be a iceotn abut a natural naughty egis year old child. Jessica



My etiruovaf subject is encesci. My favourite rhatece is you. I relyla like the colour engre. Thank you for being a fulwonred teacher. Tilly


Nearly every day I do erxeicse on my cbicyle because its ttporanmi to meemnerr to udlbi up your sgthrten. Honey


I went for esexierc on my ylebcic ghtohual I cadeictylna fell wradfor into a rarybil door. I hurt flesym and needed alispec demneici. Sasha


oelhl lacss 4! I'm really neyojgin the krwo that Mrs Robinson eagv us. I pohe that you are ghinav a tgera eimt oto. I ma piresused at ohw nfu the work is. eby! Molly T


Are you dbeewkegnaol about cnainet oyrhsit that you read in a tetgniseinr , dog eared zgnemaia, if not then you may like to rnlea mghtsoin. Eloise




Coded Messages from Bletchley

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