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Snow day learning

Monday 12th December

Good Morning Class 6! 

I am sorry not to see you in person today. Please find below your learning activities for today. Anything you are able to do, please bring in with you tomorrow so that we can add it to our Explorer museum.


1. Find out about an explorer of your  choice and create a profile on them. Your profile should focus on their life as an explorer (their expeditions and accomplishments). You can present your findings however you choose but remember it will be added to our Explorers gallery in the museum. 


Ideally, choose an explorer you have heard about this term but whom we haven't had a lot of opportunity to study in detail. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Barbara Hillary 
  • Polar Preet Chandi
  • Matthew Henson
  • Robert Peary
  • Robert Falcon Scott
  • Roald Amundsen



2. Use some of your snow day to prepare something for our newest gallery for the museum: Snow day!

This could be something in the snow - like planning an activity to stay occupied during those long months on the ice, taking some of your own photos like Frank Hurley or building a shelter for your own dog town! Note: It is not safe to try and build a human shelter in case the snow collapses on you. Neither should your shelter be tested by a real dog!

Whatever you do, you need to make safety a priority: no putting yourself at risk like Shackleton's crew!


3. For your Maths today please complete an extra homework page. It would be great to spend some time on Times Tables Rockstars - perhaps you could challenge each other!


4. Today is the perfect day for curling up with a good book! Get yourself a nice, warm drink and spend some time having your own ERIC time. It would be good if you could read for at least 15 minutes as this is the minimum time we would spend on ERIC in school. 


I look forward to seeing your work tomorrow. Stay warm and enjoy the snow!

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