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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Snow Day Activities

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

Snow Day 3

I'm sorry not to see you all again today Class 1. Your homework has been emailed to your parents so please ask them to check and print the sheets for you. Here are some ideas of what you might like to do today. Don't forget you can still carry on with activities from the previous days too. 



Spend some time building a cosy reading place and then use it to enjoy reading a book.



Write a book review of the book you chose to read.



Make a mind map of words which have an "A" sound in. Remember that you can make this sound using different graphemes. 



Design an outfit which you could wear in the weather we are having at the moment. Think about the cold wind as well as the wet snow. 



Who might need help during the cold, wintery weather?

What might people to do help them?

Make a list of ideas that people could do to help others who find the winter weather difficult. 



Have a go at one of these activities

Snow Day Round 2

Please feel free to continue working on the activities from yesterday if there are more of these that you would like to try. 


Here are some more ideas for you to have a go at today:


1. DT - Snow Transport

Can you design a vehicle which we could use to travel through the snow? Think about what it would need to be able to do and what difficulties it would need to be able to withstand. 

You might like to draw your design or, if you can, why not try making it out of junk modelling?


2. English - The snowy weather today is being caused by Storm Emma. 

Write a letter to Storm Emma, telling her why you are either happy or angry about the weather that we are experiencing. 


3. Topic - Cold weather around the world.

With an adult, can you find out which countries in the world normally experience weather that is as cold as the weather we are experiencing today. You might like to then find them on a map. 


5. Maths - Snowman investigation (see document below)



Snow Day 1

Here are some ideas for your learning on this snowy day!


1. Snow writing

Go out into the snow and write down some words to describe the snow. You don't do your writing on paper though, you write the words into the snow!


2. Poetry 

Use your snowy words to write a poem about the snow.


3. Story writing 

Write a story about the most exciting snow day ever!


4.  Maths/Topic

Take the temperature at different times of the day. 

When is it coldest?

When is it warmest?


5. Art

Create a snow scene picture

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