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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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Snow Day Activities

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

See below for snow day activities the children can do:



  • Practise saying aloud sounds and reading tricky words (see laminated sheets that we sent home).
  • Practise writing sounds/words. Think of words which begin with these sounds and draw a picture for each word. E.g. s – snowman, h – hat
  • Read a variety of books at home- spot digraphs/trigraphs and tricky words!



  • Build a snowman with 8 buttons on his body, a nose, 2 eyes, 10 pebbles for a mouth and give him a hat and scarf. Use your own ideas to make a smaller friend for your snowman. Count and record how many items you used.


  • Get an adult to time you – how many snowballs can you make in one minute?


  • Build the biggest snowman you can build and then measure it with your hands to see how many hands tall it is. Take a picture to show us, or write down what you found.


  • 3D Snow Shapes: Can you make 3D shapes out of the snow?

Think about different 3D shapes like cones, cubes, pyramids, cuboids. Have a go at making some out of snow (you could fill up a container of the right shape and make snow castles of that shape). Can you have a go at labelling the shapes you used and take a photo.


  • Practise writing your numbers 0 – 10


  • Go on a number hunt. You can do it in your house or village/town. Draw or take pictures of the numbers you find.
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