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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

We have carried out a range of investigations in Science already this year.

Terms 1 and 2: We began the year with topics on Light and Shadows and Rocks and Fossils. We explored the way that light travels and what we can see in different lit situations. It was great fun creating our own dark cave in the corner of the classroom. We then explored different kinds of rocks and their properties. Our topic finished with a visit from a parent who gave us a really entertaining talk about rock structure and formation using cake!

Terms 3 and 4: We began the year by looking at teeth. We have studied their structure and identified the purposes of the different kinds of teeth that we have in our mouth. We carried out an investigation into what different drinks do to the enamel of our teeth if we do not clean them properly - Mrs McLean does not want to drink strawberry squash ever again! We also had a visit from a Dental Hygienist who showed us what plaque looks like on our teeth and how important it is to clean it away. 

We are now beginning to think about the digestive process. We are going to find out what happens to food that we eat and the role played by different organs of the body.

We have had 1 2 5 9 6 0 visitors