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Forces: Magnets

This term, we have been learning about the intriguing force of magnetism.  We began by exploring what a force is, discussing that they are either a push or pull.  We also explored whether contact is always needed in order to make an object move, which led us into the discovery and exploration of magnets and magnetism.  Class 3, then spent the rest of the term asking and setting up investigations to answer various questions relating to this force, including:  Which magnets are strongest?  What materials are attracted to magnets?  Are all metals magnetic?  Are they as strong under water as in air?   

Rocks and Fossils

Class 3, then most certainly lived up to their super scientist status.  As following their exciting trip to Horton Kirby Environmental Centre where they embarked on a Rocks Day, they returned to continue their learning within the classroom.  Many-an-investigation was carried out to unearth further knowledge, varying from trying to work out the different types of rocks from their properties to the studying of fossils and composition of soil.  We even learnt about the incredulous paleontologist Mary Anning.

Animals including Humans

This term, we will be learning about Animals including Humans in Science, where our focus we primarily be on the nutrition our bodies need.  We will also learn about our skeletal structures and the ways our muscles work too!  In order to gain all this information we are taking on the roles of personal trainers.  In class, each group of children have received a client along with accompanying information about their diet and lifestyle, including certain problems they encounter.  Once we have learnt everything we need to we should be able to provide them advise at how best to go about changing their diet and habits, so they become fitter and healthier.

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