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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.


Science Week

Class 5 loved Science Week and we would be really pleased to share some photos with you. We have 4 slideshows illustrating some of the the learning we covered and the fun we had.

Ancient Greek Science

The first slideshow (for anyone who missed it as well as those who want another look) is based on our Science Showcase where we explored science from Ancient Greece.

Guess who!

Our second slideshow is an interactive one. Can you guess the famous scientists from the clues given and the costumes of members of our class?
You have 10 seconds to guess.
Move your cursor onto the picture to see if you are correct!
Then move it off again for the next one. Good luck.

The Royal Institute

Our third slideshow is from the Royal Institute's amazing workshop and demonstrations about science. 

The Wonderdome

Our fourth workshop is from inside the Planetarium. Enjoy the trip! Thank you to our PTFA for funding the lovely initiative. 

Science as a Profession

Our fifth slideshow is about the talks from our visiting scientists. Thank you parents for arranging this for us too!

We have had 1 5 1 3 4 9 visitors