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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
As part of our Science learning of 'Animals including Humans' we have been learning about the function of our skeletons.  In order to fully comprehend how they work in so far to movement, we made our own dancing puppets!
This week we have managed to take our learning outside and make the most of the autumnal sun!  We took on  the role of Soil Detectives and investigated which of our different soil types soaked up the most water and which was the best drainer.  We learnt that clay soil absorbs a lot more water than chalky soils.
We've now begun to become soil detectives and investigate all the different substances that soil is made of.  Did you know it also contains something called microorganisms, which are so tiny they can only be seen with a microscope?  They help to break up and with the decay of organic matter, so the soil becomes richer in nutrients.  We have also discovered that there are two different types and will begin to learn more about their properties next lesson.
In Science this term we have become Rock Detectives! We are going to be observing different types of rocks and soils, as well as learning all about fossils.
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