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School Council

School Council Representatives 2022-23

Our School Council team meet regularly with the Head Boy, Head Girl and Head Teacher to talk through ideas, activities and plans for the school.


This term they have been helping to decide which playground game markings should be added to the new playground surface. We look forward to seeing some of their ideas being painted in the next few weeks.


For Maths Week, School Councillors conducted a survey in their classes to find which worship songs each class like best. Each class could choose 3 songs. When we combine all the votes, we should have a rank order of favourite songs to choose and use in daily worship, or in special events.



Thank you to Shivi and Sadie for organising and supporting the School Council meetings.

Thank you to all the reps for taking ideas to their classes, listening to opinions and discussions, bringing back findings and then working on compromises and solutions:

Toby and Abigail, William and Olivia, Jessica and Sidney, Maddie and Walter, Tabitha and Ted, Charlie and Lily.    Well done team!

We have had 1 4 3 4 2 4 visitors