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Our latest Admissions Policy (for Sept 2024 entrants) has just been published.


Sand World

One of the very exciting things that we are doing on our residential is going to Sand World. Sand World have had thousands of students from age 4-18, from all over the UK come to see these incredible sand sculptures.

In our time at Sand World, we will be taking part in a sand sculpture-making event. We will also be doing a workshop in which there will be a quiz.                                                        


About Sand World

Sand World is a fun and exciting event, that we will be visiting on our trip. Sand World showcases amazing pieces of sand work made by some of the world's best sand sculptors. This is the UK's only Sand Sculpture Festival. It was created by Weymouth “Sandman” Mark Anderson, and David Hicks, an aspiring sand sculptor and good friend of Mark.

This year, the sculptures will be based on films and TV shows, including Alien vs Predator, Avatar, Dr Who, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mandalorian, Star Wars & more. New displays will be added throughout the season, with many guests being able to watch in wonder as sculptors create their works of art. The sculptures are so beautifully detailed, it is hard to believe that they are just sand and water.


The Workshop

At Sand World, we will be take part in a workshop. We will be doing the Silver package with the following events: a sand sculpture session, a tour, a quiz and make our own Sand World souvenir. This will be a very fun trip with lots of memories. 


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