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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’

March Learning



Snack Assistance!


I know how much children love snacks and I’m sure, with them at home all day, you will be inundated with snack requests on an hourly basis!! I recently saw something that might help children to think about what is really necessary and what they could do without. Turn it into a Maths learning opportunity...for normal school hours, set up a shopping list somewhere in your house and give your child £1 a day (in small change)….

It may look something like this…

Crisps – 50p

Chocolate bar – 30p

Apple – 5p

Banana – 5p

Squash – 5p

Yogurt – 25p

Biscuits – 20p 

Water - FREE

They could even earn money towards their ‘snacks’ for things such as helping to lay the table, cleaning their bedrooms, tidying their toys or being kind to a sibling!! :-)


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