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Portland Outdoor Centre

Portland Outdoor Centre

For our Year Six residential, we will be going to Dorset. We will be staying in Portland Outdoor Centre, a bunkhouse/hostel above a public café. Whilst we will eat here, we will not interact with the public at any point.

The perfect location

Portland, Dorset has some of the best views ever, the sky is always changing to so many majestic colours. The beautiful pastel colours reflect off any lake, bay or sea and wake you up with a lovely sunrise. The sea is amazingly close with only a 10 minute walk to the beach.


Portland Outdoor Centre offers clean, comfortable rooms all of which have a bathroom inside. Each room has a bunk style accommodation which will sleep 4-6 people. The beds will be fresh and kindly made for us when we arrive.


They offer nutritious food and will be able to fulfil your dietary requirements. We will only be eating dinner and breakfast as we will always be out doing an activity during lunch.

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