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Personal Best Challenges

Monday 18th May


Adi has beaten his previous burpees PB, managing to do 20 in a minute! Well done Adi...burpees are really hard! yes



Jemima in Year 1 has been practising her star jumps! The practice is paying off as she's getting better at every attempt...

(Jumps per minute)

29th April - 85

30th April - 87

4th May - 94

10th May - 98 

12th May - 105



Ben C has improved his basketball PB, now scoring 50 baskets in 5 minutes! Great going!




Tuesday 12th May


Shivi has been doing a challenge for charity with his mum. They have promised to run 26 miles in 2.6 weeks (18 days). So far, they have raised nearly £500. That's just brilliant...well done!

Shivi has even used Excel to record his results so far...





Mrs Caisley has managed her own PB this week - 25mins running without stopping!

Fantastic work Mrs C! smiley  



These two sisters gave themselves a very original challenge for their see how quickly they could swap clothes! Their first attempt was 96 seconds!!! WOW...that's going to be hard to beat! Check back for more updates!





Ben C has beaten his previous PB of 39 baskets in 5 mins...last week he managed to score 40 in 5 minutes - Great Job Ben!



Monday 4th May 2020


Blake and his family have done a 5 day challenge running to their apple tree and back! They've recorded their results on a chart and circled their fastest time! Trying to beat your own score is what personal bests are all about!


Friday 1st May 2020


All ready for Joe Wicks' Fancy Dress Friday smiley





Eva P has smashed her target of a 3K run completing 3.47km (that's 2.16 miles!) in 25.57 mins - what an achievement!!! She's aiming for 4km can do it Eva!




Wednesday 29th April 2020


Ben C chose basketball for his challenge - he managed to outscore both of his parents (despite the fact they were actually trying to win!!) and got 39 baskets in 5 minutes! Well done Ben...great shooting!





Adi has completed 17 burpees in a minute - brilliant work Adi!! How many can you get next week?



Tristan T has smashed his previous achievement of 20 burpees in a minute - today his new personal best is 24!! Fantastic improvement Tristan, so close to that 25 target!!



Two football personal bests...

Dribbling round the cones 4 times in a figure of 8 - A first attempt of 26 seconds, swiftly beaten to 24 seconds!

Two toe taps, dragging the ball between the cones and repeat - Scored 10 in 30 seconds!! WOW!

Both of these challenges would be good for anyone to do if you are struggling to think of ideas!





Monday 27th April 2020


Jemima has been working really hard on her running! She has run 1km (in 4mins, 47 seconds) and 3km (in 16mins, 19 seconds). Those are fantastic times! I wonder what you will achieve when you try to beat them!?






Charlotte D has beaten her previous best of 102 star jumps in a minute. On her second attempt, she managed 121!! Way to go Charlotte!



Thursday 23rd April 2020


Tristan T has done 20 burpees in 1 minute - he is aiming for 25 next time! Setting targets is a great way to help you improve Tristan!



Eva P wants to build up to running 3K!! This morning she ran 2.38K in 18 mins - Super speedy Eva!






An astonishing 38 cartwheels in a minute and 102 star jumps in a different minute! That's definitely one way to get super fit!





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