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Physical Education

PE and Sport Subject Intent

Chevening School's well-equipped site allows our children to enjoy a wealth of sporting opportunity, with outdoor swimming pool, vast field (incorporating football pitch, running track and active play equipment), Forest School site, wild mound and refurbished playgrounds, netball court, quiet area and small astro-turf football pitch. In addition, our Reception children enjoy a dedicated outdoor learning area for physical development; all classes access the school hall for indoor gymnastics and other activities. Our school's location is close to Chipstead Lake, which allows some older children to also have the opportunity to learn the basics of sailing.

Enjoying being physically and mentally healthy and active is a key aim for our children and one which they often relish and value, whether through twice weekly PE lessons, class daily mile exercise at the start of school, morning play or lunchtimes. Through formal and informal opportunities, every child is encouraged to develop passion, skills, commitment and self-regulation, whether individually, in small groups, class lessons, clubs or as a member of a school team or squad. 

The Chevening sport curriculum fulfils the PE National Curriculum requirements and sees class teachers and coaches developing the children's skills through a great range of sports, including football, tag-rugby, lacrosse, netball, basketball, handball, hockey, cricket, tennis, gymnastics, water-polo, athletics and, of course, swimming. Although at a smaller size school, our children's eager enthusiasm and commitment often sees them enjoying both opportunity and success in local competitions and tournaments, as well as learning the vital life-skills of being good participants, team players, winners and losers. A range of before, lunchtime and after-school clubs provide further enrichment opportunities, sometimes targeted for specific age-groups, skills, squad practices or open for all. 

Carefully planned opportunities enable our children to learn new skills and to progressively practice, persevere and master skills through lessons, internal collaborative and competitive opportunities including inter-House events and also external competitions, festivals and masterclasses via Sevenoaks Primary Partnership events and activities.

In line with our Biblical Vision, sport provides different opportunities to practise being kind and thoughtful, as well as being inclusive. The Chevening curriculum enables pupils to develop their intra- and inter-personal skills, as they improve personal bests, set personal goals, participate in team challenges and persevere to develop critical thinking, self-analysis, physical and mental strength and aptitude, stamina, speed and flexibility. The school's Christian values of compassion, courage, faith, forgiveness, honesty, perseverance and respect feature in the children's attitude and approaches to sport activities, lessons and opportunities. Team match reports provide personal and collaborative analysis and reflection, with children selecting 'Player of the Game'.

Promoting physical and mental well-being supports our children's academic and holistic development and aligns with our school's Biblical Vision, based on the Parable of The Mustard Seed. At Chevening we aim to provide excellent education and to be true; be kind and thoughtful; be inclusive.

As children join Chevening, they have skills and talents to grow, develop and hone - just as the Mustard Seed grew in stature in Matthey 13. By becoming the tallest plant in the garden, the Mustard Tree is well-able to support others. As our children grow in sports experience, we expect them to develop attitudes that align with our aims to:

-be true - to themselves and others in terms of performance as individuals and as a team;

-be kind and thoughtful -to classmates and competitors, displaying good sporting attitudes;

-be inclusive - to participate with courage and perseverance; to welcome all-comers to their games and teams.

As they mature, Chevening children take increasing responsibility for themselves, their kit, their equipment, their peers and competitors as club members, team captains, playleaders, peer mentors and sports captains.  Some responsibilities require training, mentoring and leading others in daily activities, organising sports days or opportunities beyond the school. The whole-school family enjoys larger-scale events including the annual Sports Day (collaborative and competitive games/races) and the Key Stage 2 Swim Sports (collaborative and competitive races in our pool).
We encourage and are always delighted to hear of continuing enjoyment and beyond Chevening, whether through sports scholarships or local sport clubs. 

Parental support enables children to access wider opportunities, whether through early morning running and kick-about clubs, or enthusiastically supporting children in local children's events, including Radnor House's Cross Country and the Hever Triathlon, as well as wider family opportunities, e.g. Little Welly.

Linking with learning in Science and PSHE, Chevening children learn the importance of good mental well-being as well as physical fitness for all.  The children gain confidence in water through regular swimming lessons in Term 6 for all classes. Many become proficient swimmers, exceeding the National Curriculum expectations and demonstrating life-saving and water safety skills in the annual Swim Sports event.  Back on dry land, our Forest School and Outdoor Learning Areas provide a contrasting environment to challenge and develop personal stamina and skill through outdoor adventurous activity. This may be further extended through residential opportunities for Key Stage 2 classes, including visits to Carroty Wood and other Outdoor Adventurous Activity centres.