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Personal Social & Health Education

PSHE Curriculum Intent Statement

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is an essential part of Chevening’s commitment to helping equip our children with the emotional intelligence, knowledge, vocabulary and resilience to enable them to be active citizens now and into adulthood. In an ever-changing world, we recognise the importance of positive self-image and good mental health, as well as knowing how to keep themselves safe both out in the world and online.

Our PSHE curriculum helps our children to become independent, responsible, healthy and safe members of society, supporting our children to manage their own emotional health and well-being and providing them with strategies to help them understand and express their feelings. We encourage our children to show the values of love and compassion in the different ways that they interact with not only each other, but also other members of the school community.

We use the Coram Life Education ‘SCARF’ scheme to guide our approach to PSHE, as it encourages the children to question and develop their critical skills needed for an ever-changing world. We are also supported by materials from the PSHE Association, the Government annual publication ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ and local Kent procedures and initiatives. Information about CORAM approaches to RSE can be found here and there are some useful resources for parents/carers here.

Within the PSHE curriculum there are six core themes: Me and my Relationships, Valuing Difference, Keeping Safe, Rights and Respect, Being my Best and Growing and Changing. These are covered within our teaching and also through focus weeks dedicated to these areas, including Healthy Eating, E-Safety and Mental Health week. We encourage our children to be Courageous in discussion, Respectful in conversation and Faithful towards their belief and understanding of the topics covered.

Sex and Relationships Education forms an important part of our PSHE. As well as understanding the science of how bodies change through life, at an age-appropriate level, we also consider childhood friendships and relationships, as well as those that might develop as the children mature. We equip our children with an understanding of what a healthy and happy relationship looks like, so that they are able to form these for themselves.

Interwoven through PSHE is our school biblical vision, based on the parable of the mustard seed with the strands of be true, be kind and be inclusive providing a basis for all of our work. Our vision is also explored through the British Values of:

  • Individual liberty: the children are encouraged to make independent decisions within a safe environment
  • Mutual Respect: respecting each other and the school environment and establishing the difference between right and wrong echoed in our consistent approach to behaviour
  • Democracy: children participate in the School Council and are encouraged to develop their own initiatives
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs and none: providing the children with opportunities to experience diversity within the community and through the extensive R.E curriculum

Our wide and varied range of clubs (e.g. Cross Country, Judo, Love2dance and Performing Arts) enhances and develops the children’s skills, interests and experience. Our children develop self-confidence, responsibility and leadership skills by taking on active roles within school life. These valuable opportunities require perseverancehonesty and forgiveness and include organising clubs/activities, leading Acts of Worship in school and church and welcoming and showing visitors around the school.

We plan transitions between Year groups, Key Stages and new schools carefully to allow children to familiarise themselves with their new setting and staff and encourage them to share concerns in a timely and appropriate way.

PSHE Progression

Progression in PSHE learning and skills is detailed below, for the 6 units in The CORAM Life Education Programme that we have adapted for Chevening.

There is one unit for each term; within each unit, the classes explore different themes.

Each document below shows the progression within each Unit:

Term 1: Me and My Relationships

Term 2: Valuing Difference

Term 3: Keeping Myself Safe

Term 4: Rights and Responsibilities

Term 5: Being My Best

Term 6: Growing and Changing