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Our School Day (including Before & After School Care)

Wrap-Around Care: Early Morning Club 7.45-8.45am

Early Morning Club provides childcare for working parents and runs each day from 7.45am until the start of the school day.

A 'snack breakfast' can be ordered (7.45-8.15am) as parents book their child/ren's attendance.  The cost of each session is £5.50 per child (no breakfast) or £7.00 per child, to include breakfast. From September 2024, this will be £6 per child without breakfast, and £7.50 per child including breakfast. 

For further information and to make bookings for Early Morning Club, please contact office or or 01732 452895

Start of School day arrangements:

To give the children more responsibility and time for organising their belongings, streamline entry to the two buildings and also to ease pressure at the start of day, we operate a 'soft start' every day. All of which benefit the children as they ready themselves for a full day of learning.

At 8.45am the playground gates are opened and staff are ready to welcome all children as they arrive with their families, following the one-way system. Having walked up the school drive and onto the playground, parents can wait with their children and pass on messages for class teachers to the staff on duty.
At 8.45am, two Year 6 children ring our ancient school bell, to signal that children can enter class. They ring the bell again at 8.55am, to signal that learning is starting!
Parents are welcome to stay and chat together on the playground, before escaping before 8.55am.

The playground gates close and lock at 8.55am. 

Children should not be left unsupervised on the playground.
As preparation for Secondary School, Class 6 children, who have permission from the Headteacher AND parents are allowed to walk to school on their own. Parents must seek the Headteacher's agreement in writing, or via email.

Entry after 8.55am needs to be via Chevening Road pedestrian gate to the School Office, so that the registers can be completed.

Our end of day routines are for parents to collect their child from class stations spread around the playground – so there is still time and safe space to find lost property and then exit via the steps to Chevening Road.

We found that these new arrangements help to support the children in developing their self-organisation skills and independence. Thank you for your cooperation and support. 

The school and classrooms are open to pupils (8.45am - 3.15pm) totalling 32.5 hours per week.

7.45 am Early Morning Club opens - Entrance via EMC/A8 gate (not via School Office)
8.30 am Lexia Club - By invitation only - Entrance via School Office.
8.45 am Playground Gates and Classroom doors are opened, so children can enter.
*8.55 am Playground gates & classroom doors close.
Children arriving after this time enter via School Office.
9.05 am Lessons start
10.25-10.40 am Act of Worship
10.45-11.00 am Playtime
12.-1.00pm KS1 Lunchtime
12.30-1.30pm KS2 Lunchtime
*3.15 pm School day ends - parents collect children from playground
3.15 pm

Activ8 (After school club) - in School Hall (Mon - Thurs)

5.00/6.00 pm Activ8 closes - pick up via EMC/A8 gate (not via School Office)

Wrap-Around Care: Activ8

Activ8 is our after-school child care provision which runs Monday - Thursday in term time from 3.15pm - 5.00pm or 6.00pm

Children take part in a range of activities including outdoor and indoor play, construction, arts and crafts, computing, games, and many more. A light healthy snack is provided at 4.30pm each day.

The cost of 3.15-5pm session is £11.50 per child.

The cost of a 3.15-6pm session is £16.50 per child.

Activ8 is very popular and there is a waiting list for spaces. 

From September 2024, Activ8 will be £12.50 until 5pm, and £17.50 until 6pm. 

For further information and to make bookings for Activ8 Club, please contact office or or 01732 452895

*Changes from September 2024:

From September, our Soft Start will finish at 8:50am with the second bell, at which time children need to be in class and ready to learn. 

At the end of the day, children will be dismissed at 3:20pm to parents, or taken to Activ8/their after-school clubs. 

We have put these changes in place to accommodate DfE guidelines stating that children must be in school for 32.5hrs/week.