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Late/Absence Procedures


All children should be in school ready to go in to class by *8.55 am. It is crucial to the smooth start of the school day and to ensuring that we make the most of learning time, that all children are in school on time. We ask for parents/carers to walk their children up the carpark drive way and round to the playground, to say goodbye at the blue barriers, then proceed down the steps by the School Office Porch Gate to exit the school site.

We operate a 'soft start' to the school day, so there is no need to wait in the playground, once the classroom doors are open from *8.45-8.55am. Members of staff will be on the playground to help the children find their way to class. 

We encourage good punctuality as a habit; it is really helpful to start the day on time, but we do understand that, sometimes, there are urgent situations which can slow us all down. If you are late arriving (after 8.55am) parents must bring their child to the School Office to sign in, rather than heading straight for their classrooms. This ensures that all children are registered correctly. Office Staff will enquire as to the reason for the lateness and record this accordingly.

At the end of the school day (*3.15pm), parents walk up the driveway and round to the playground to collect their child from the class collection point. Your child's Class Staff will not dismiss a child unless they can see the adult collecting them. After meeting your child, please leave the playground by the steps down to the School Office Porch Gate and the gate to leave the school site.

Thank you for your cooperation.

*Changes from September 2024: 

From September, children will be expected in class by 8:50am. At this time, the gates will close, and children must be registered through the office after this. The number of minutes late will be recorded from 8:50am onwards. 


All children should be in school every day that the school is open unless they are clearly unwell. Ordinarily, we encourage children with a cold or minor cough to attend school, unless they have a high temperature. If children/staff test positive for COVID-19, we ask them to stay away until the temperature returns to more normal levels. 

No child presenting with a high temperature or sickness/diarrhoea should attend school. Children with sickness should not return to school until they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours.
Please feel reassured that we will of course contact you if we are concerned about your child's health in school. Statistics show a clear drop off in performance and progress in children whose attendance falls below 96%; please help us to help your child by ensuring that they do not miss school unnecessarily.


The school cannot authorise term time holidays unless the circumstances are very exceptional. Examples of these would be the wedding or funeral of a close family member. Whilst the relatively lower costs can make term-time holidays a temptation, we ask our families to book holidays to coincide with the school holidays.