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History Subject Intent

The History curriculum, here at Chevening Primary School is linked closely to our termly topics from Year 1 to Year 6. We engage the children in a topic based style of learning, aiming to use a range of different resources, artefacts, photographs and pictures, in order to bring each topic alive and make it relevant to our children.

Through careful planning, we aim for the children to develop a clear understand of major historical events in Britain’s past, as well as that of major events in the wider world. Children are encouraged to build upon their knowledge, by careful teaching, to reflect, discuss and debate, weigh evidence up and ask relevant and thoughtful questions. The skills taught at each key stage are progressive. The children are taught to understand chronology, how to link different events in the past, and to understand that different people interpret the past in different ways. We aim for the children here at Chevening Primary School, to leave with a continued thirst for knowledge of the past.

As part our History learning at Chevening, and to allow history to ‘come alive,’ the children get the opportunity to visit a range of stimulating exhibitions and places related to their topics, such as visiting ‘The Museum of Kent Life’ to look at replica Stone Age housing, visiting exhibitions and museums linked to Ancient Egyptian artefacts. We also bring History alive with visitors who perform drama and immerse the children in experiences that are outside of their imagination, such as ‘Steps through Time’ and the Great Fire of London.

Parents, staff and local residents all have a part to play in sharing their experiences of local, national and international historical events and the children are able to develop their thoughtful questioning skills as a response to this. This was seen in action during celebrations to celebrate 100 years of schooling in the Chevening district .

History challenges our Chevening children to develop their personal skills of enquiry, beliefs and to develop Christian Values including

Respect for honouring sacrifices made in the past, as well as showing respect for different points of view.

Honesty in challenging their own ideas and misconceptions about people and events from the past.

Perservence in working through different ideas of why and when things happened and the consequences of these.

Courage in being open and honest about when they do not understand events from the past and trying to do so.