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Governors and Trustees

Governing Board

What we do:

The Governors support the Headteacher, staff, children and families who make Chevening School the special place that it is. 

We oversee the school’s strategic direction and hold the school to account for its performance, educational and financial. We ensure that the vision and ethos of the school is powerful, relevant and clear and that it is reflected in all the school’s activities. We help the school to communicate effectively.  

You can find us on the playground as parents and carers, at Church as Foundation Governors and at many different school and community activities and events. We welcome all feedback and input from children, parents and staff.

How we work:

Our Governing Board meets three times each year. Between times, our work is progressed through four Committees that meet on a regular basis.

Resources Committee meets every seasonal term and oversees the school’s expenditure and income and premises. Members monitor value for money between meetings.

Learning and Development Committee meets every seasonal term and focuses on the curriculum and quality of learning and school policies.

Steering Committee meets at least once each seasonal term and reviews school staffing issues and well-being, performance data and implementation of the School Improvement Plan.

The Admissions Committee meets once a year to ensure the integrity and implementation of our Admissions Policy.

Who we are:

Governor Photo


Role and Committee memberships

Term of office

Rev Hannah Adams

Ex Officio 

Vice-Chair of Governing Board;
Chair of Steering.

From September 2020. No end date.

Prue Burrlock
Appointed by St Botolph’s Church Council

Learning and Development.



From September 2020 until September 2024

Cllr Nick Chard
Appointed by Kent County Council


Chair of Admissions.

From November 2020 until November 2024

Naomi Day

Appointed by the Bishop of Rochester

Chair of Learning and Development.

From March 2022 until March 2026

Alan Leaman

Appointed by the Diocese of Rochester

Chair of Governing Board; Resources;


From November 2020 until November 2024

Tom Bailey

Appointed by Chevening Parochial Church Council 

Learning and Development

From March 2022 until March 2026

Jenny McCloskey

Parent Governor elected by parents

Learning and Development

From October 2021 until October 2025

Alexandra Sweeney

Staff Governor elected by staff

Learning and Development

From September 2022 until September 2026

Karen Minnis

Ex officio



Learning and Development



From October 2018. No end date.

Frank Simon

Appointed by Chevening Parochial Church Council 

Chair of Resources.


From July 2021 until July 2025

Nigel Williams 

Appointed by the Diocese of Rochester 


From March 2022 until March 2026

Mike Hollis

Parent Governor elected by the parents

  From November 2023 to November 2027
Clerk to Governors:
Cathy Thewlis

Previous members of the Governing Board in the last twelve months:

Zoe Pemberton elected by parents October 2019-October 2023


Selected extracts from the Governors' Statement of Strategic Priorities (2023-24) 


Vision and values 

Our recent parent survey told us that Chevening’s vision is understood and valued by the children and their families. It gives the school a clear identity and purpose. 

But we cannot rest on this achievement. We will continue to embed and develop the vision as we explore how it is expressed and understood throughout the school community. 

Learning and Development 

We aim to maintain high expectations, academic standards and commitment to learning for every child at Chevening School, challenging them to achieve their very best, whatever their ability. We welcome the school’s nurturing commitment to support the children through well-being and other initiatives that reinforce their learning and development. 

Resources and staffing 

The cost-of-living crisis is no longer new. But it is very real for many families and staff. School budgets are also feeling the strain of rising costs. 

We are grateful to all our staff for the care they show to Chevening families in need, and the extra mile they often go to provide much-needed help and advice. 

Promoting our school and communicating with our stakeholders 

Our school vision tells us to be open, welcoming and inclusive. 

We will repeat our annual parent survey and share the results, while also looking for areas where we can improve. 

We will continue to promote our school and its strengths with energy and commitment. 

A full copy of the Governor Statement is available via the school office. 

You can contact the Governors via the School Office.

School Trustees: Rev Hannah Adams, Rob Hubbard, David Lewis, Les Martin and Jackie Mullins.  Trustees can be contacted via the School Office.