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Geography Subject Intent

Our aim at Chevening Primary School is for the children to be inspired with the world, the wonders that exist and to develop the curiosity to want to explore it further.

Geography is linked closely to our termly topics where possible and we use a range of resources and technology to bring the natural world alive and make it as relevant as possible to our children here at Chevening. The children get the chance to explore the wonders of the natural world, and continents too far away to physically visit with the aid of computer software such as ‘Google Earth’.

The children here at Chevening are encouraged to explore both human and physical processes; to be given knowledge about places and people, and to be equipped with the skills to research independently. We would also like the children to gain experience in collecting and analysing data, this is something that they get the opportunity to do, for example, in our local area studies both in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. They are also encouraged to use the correct terminology and vocabulary relevant to their topics of enquiry.

We want our children to develop a range of geographical skills: using maps, globe, aerial photos as well as a range of digital mapping and media and to use them to help identify continents and oceans. 

We would like the children to use their skills in meaningful experiences, such as during fieldwork and educational visits. As part of our curriculum, we visit a range of different locations-with some children visiting Sevenoaks School to use their virtual reality equipment to help with their Geography skills. Local fieldwork, visits to Bore Place and looking at rivers in Horton Kirby all help bring Geography to life, as well as to help the children to develop their own lines of enquiry. Children also get the chance to compare contrasting localities between the seaside and the local area.

Geography at Chevening challenges our children to ask questions, develop their own lines of enquiry and to develop Christian values including

Love in developing links of understanding between themselves and other countries and cultures.

Respect in acknowledging that other people in other countries may live differently to themselves, but that their ways of life are just as valid.

Forgiveness for any preconceived ideas they may have about how other people live.