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Computing Curriculum Intent Statement

We want our children to be confident and fluent in their use of technology; able to apply their skills safely, effectively and responsibly. We want pupils to remain curious to explore programs, the internet and technology - all the time while staying safe, limiting risk, being responsible and considering the veracity (or truthfulness) of what they find.    

We use the ‘Switched On Computing’ scheme: an approach that builds on skills and experience progressively across year groups; but are mindful to adapt it in the light of the children in Chevening. We know from our children that they often enjoy increased access and opportunity to technology, but do not necessarily have full understanding of the potential dangers. As part of our commitment to encouraging them to understand and experience the benefits of IT, we also make sure that they learn how to stay safe online and behave with respect, responsibility and veracity. This also forms a component of our PSHE curriculum.

The intent includes aspects not directly related to computing but which are often highlighted through it. For example, the Christian Values of respect, compassion, perseverance, forgiveness and honesty can all be referenced within the computing curriculum and children should demonstrate these while working on the curriculum. British values may also be referenced such as the culture of innovation, as well as the legal questions raised by some use.  

The three strands coming from our Biblical Verse of the Mustard Seed are relevant to how we act when using computers and other technology. The first strand - being true to Christ and his teaching is very important when communicating with others; as are the other strands where we encourage acts of kindness and inclusivity. There are many challenging issues in the world associated with how technology is used and the social interactions that take place. Our Biblical vision helps to guide us in how we should use this technology. 

We want pupils to have the courage and perseverance to tackle challenging areas such as coding. While we aim to ensure that there is access for all levels of ability, there is the scope to really challenge and inspire the pupils to aim high. This includes promoting competitions;  running extra-curricular activities that involve technology; as well as the opportunity for pupils to lead others within supervised clubs. (The Turing Cryptography Challenge, Animation club and coding club are examples.)

You can find out more about the programme of study at the Switched on Computing website as well as the school website.