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‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’
School has now partially reopened for COVID-19 Key Workers, Vulnerable, Class R and Class 1 children. Daily learning is still posted on our class pages.

Our School Day

‘Together we learn, believe and achieve’



After careful consideration and planning, we trialled some changes to our start of day routines in summer 2019. Our reasoning involved giving the children more responsibility and time for organising their belongings, streamlining entry to the two buildings and also an attempt to ease pressure at the start of day. All of which benefit the children as they ready themselves for a full day of learning.


At 8.45am the two main entry doors (KS1 & KS2) are opened by staff, who are there to welcome all children as they arrive and receive any messages from parents for class teachers. This means that between 8.45 and 8.55am, the children have direct access to their Key Stage buildings – no need to queue for entry!


Using the main door at the bottom of the ramp for all KS1 children means they go directly to their coat pegs first, then to class. Similarly, using the main KS2 door means the children can organise their belongings at their pegs, then go into class. Teachers will be in their classes at 8.45am to greet the children individually, have quiet chats and organise early learning activities.


The bells will be rung at 8.45am to alert everyone that doors are opening and then again at 8.55am, which is when the doors will close. Entry after 8.55am needs to be via the school office, so that the registers can be completed.


Parents/Carers  take their children to the top playground each morning and say goodbye as the children individually enter their building. In order to keep the system effective, only children will be allowed to enter the buildings at the start of the day. Our end of day routines will remain the same – so there is still opportunity to find lost property and chat with teachers at 3.15 pm.


We found that these new arrangements help to support the children in developing their self-organisation skills and independence. Thank you for your cooperation and support. In Autumn 2019, we decided to keep these arrangements in place.

8.00 am Early Morning Club opens - Entrance via Room of Requirement
8.30 am Lexia Club - By invitation only - Entrance via Room of Requirement
8.45 am Bell rings and Key Stage doors are opened, so children can enter.
8:50 am Sensory Circuits - By invitation only - Entrance via main office
8.55 am Bell rings and doors close. Children arriving after this time enter via School Office.
9.05 am Lessons start
10.30 am Act of Worship
10.40 am Break time
10.55 am Lessons recommence
12.15 pm KS1 Lunchtime starts
12.30pm KS2 Lunchtime starts
1.30pm Afternoon lessons start
3.15 pm

End of the school day / Activ8 (After school club) starts

5.30 pm Activ8 closes


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