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Monkey World

Monkey World

Monkey World has established a charity in memory of its founder, Jim Cronin MBE, to continue his legacy and fund the rescue, rehabiliation, conservation and care of primates. 


There are 14 different species of primate at Monkey World.  Monkey World is a rescue centre locate in Dorset.  There is lots of entertainment for you and your little monkey like: climbing frames, cargo nets, swing and slides; your little monkey can take inspiration from our primate cousins’ activities and see if they can balance as well as a chimp, climb as high as an orangutan and swing like a gibbon.


When you adopt a monkey the money goes towards Ape Rescue Trust, just like when you buy a ticket or make a donation. There are over 250 endangered monkeys in Monkey World and all of them have been neglected or abused.


People usually spend around 3-4 hours at Monkey World as there is SO much to see and SO much entertainment.


Tours through the day

At 12:00 there is Lemurs and small monkeys

At 12:30 there is Woolly monkey

At 1:00 there is Chimpanzees

At 1:30 there is Orangutans

At 2:00 there is Gibbons

At 2:30 there is Spider monkeys, capuchins and stump- tailed macaques.


Here are the different types of monkeys:







Woolly Monkey


Spider monkeys

Patas monkeys

Tamarins Gibbons (5 different species)

Squirrel monkey

Slow Loris.


Monkey world is 40minutes via coach from where we are staying and it’s 65 acres big.

We have had 1 5 1 3 4 9 visitors