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Patterns and Theorems!

Jaike-Jos got us thinking this week with his interesting research on Thomas Joannes Stieltjes who came up with a number of mathematical theorems. So we decided to investigate something mathematical ourselves while we were learning about Place Value.


I wonder whether you can tackle the challenge set? Why not have a go?!

We wanted to know if there was a way of predicting how many ways there are of arranging a set number of different digits written on cards (not including zero). 

What if there were only 2 cards? How many solutions for 3? How many for 4? Is there a pattern and how far can we get? Well, 5 members of Class 4 spotted a pattern and can do it. Can you? If you get stuck, you could look at some clues in our work below. 
I think we will call it the 'BATTL' theorem at Chevening, named after the first names of those who solved it - and because it was a bit of a battle! Good luck!

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