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The deadline for September 2023 Reception admissions is 16.01.23. Please ensure all e-applications have been lodged.


We have moved on to measure in Maths. Today we went outside and measured items on the playground. We had to measure the length and width, work out the perimeter and then convert between centimetres and millimetres.

Today we have been investigating how many different products we can make with only 4 digits with which to create a X O calculation. We worked in groups, applying a systematic approach to ensure we found all of the answers.

We have been working as a table on large pieces of paper to apply our knowledge of dividing fractions to an open In Focus task. We find talking in Maths really useful to share and refine our ideas. It also helps our understanding when we are challenged and have to prove our thinking.

A lot of the class were involved in giving tours during our open morning this morning so when they returned to the classroom the rest of the children got to be the teacher! They used their learning from the lesson to teach the others how to compare and order fractions using bar models and comparing to a half. We’ve definitely got some teachers of the future in our class! 

This week is Maths Week! We have really enjoyed thinking about Maths in many different ways. On Monday we welcomed the Happy Puzzle Company to school and took part in some very competitive puzzling with Class 5! 


Today we have been thinking about how we can use Maths in our Geography work (with a little bit of History thrown in). We thought about maps and have used our Maths skills of translation to track the movements of Viking explorers. 

We have started our year of Maths by revisiting place value. We have been making numbers up to 10 million this time, using place value counters and place value charts to help us read and write large numbers in words and numerals. 

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